Robert J. Pagane

For House of Representatives | District 34

It’s my mission to reduce taxes, especially on our elderly; build back communication bridges between our residents and the police. Address and fight the drug problems, reduce crime and encourage businesses and home seekers to return to our area. Our kids need safe school environments to learn in and after-school programs to participate in. It can be done.

A Vision For The Future

Our streets are weathered and beaten, bridges are unsafe, yet the gas tax has been increased again and remains one of the highest in the country. Our schools and education system rank terribly low on the national level yet taxation to fund them is abundant. Serious illegal substances such as Fentanyl, affect children, parents, and businesses in our communities. A major gap now exists between our residents and the police forces drastically hindering their ability to serve and protect them.



Reduce taxes, especially for the elderly.


As your representative, I feel a strong desire to get to Harrisburg and get the truth and facts on why our residents and every Pennsylvanian are drowning in taxes. Taxes that keep being increased by our legislatures, every one of whom was elected.

As you may or may not know, they’ve just done it again. As the gasoline tax has been increased another 3 cents per gallon. Our PA gas tax is one of the highest in the nation.

 As your representative, I want answers and solutions to reducing our taxes. Our school tax system is unfair and places financial burdens on our elderly based on some odd system of taxing citizens based on the values of their homes. It is an antiquated system and furthermore our education ratings rank near the bottom of all 50 states! Are our citizens even getting their money’s worth with PA’s school tax system?  I say NOT. Do our elderly need the financial burdens created by this system? I say NOT.

 I want to help everyone in district 34 and Pennsylvania. Taxation doesn’t discriminate based on political affiliations. It affects all of us. Our state government is failing each and every one of us. Elect me to fight for a more fair tax structure on everyone’s behalf.

Build back communication bridges between our residents and the police

Communities and our police


As someone who spent a career in law enforcement, I believe that police departments need our support. What we also need are new communication bridges to be built connecting our residents, young and old, to our law enforcement agencies. We are a nation of laws. Our elected officials are constantly creating new ones in an effort to protect the public. We need strong law enforcement to help.

 I also believe in police accountability and wish to see only the finest men and women representing the agencies and working for their citizens.

 Our judicial system seems quite flawed and in that regard, there also seems to be very little accountability amongst judges and lawyers as career criminals walk our streets while preying on the public again and again. We have a system where a bartender may be held accountable for the patrons he/she serves as they leave an establishment yet our judicial officials are NOT held accountable for releasing career criminals back into society!! Crime affects everyone, and your political affiliation is no defense when these criminals are seeking prey. I want to fight for every resident of district 34, every adult, parent, and child. I want to fight for the young and the old. But most of all I want to fight for the abundant number of good people who still reside here. I need your help and I need your vote on February 7th! Together we can do it.

Address and fight the drug problems, reduce crime and encourage businesses and home seekers to return to our area.


Crime is rising in our communities. Criminals can prey on everyone. Political affiliations mean nothing to those who perpetrate crimes on our streets. Any one of us, at any time, can become a victim. Illegal substance usage fuels criminal activity. This is why we need to work together with each other and with law enforcement to address criminal and drug activity.

 Our newly elected governor professes to be tough on crime. We need to call him to task and hear directly from him that he will assist in providing our communities and local law enforcement the resources need to tackle the crime and drug epidemic. 

 When we reduce crime and create safe streets and communities, businesses will return. Prospective homebuyers will seek to purchase property in our district and the economic trickle-down effect will benefit each and every one of us. 

 It starts with safety and a uniting force to no longer tolerate the criminal activities that are polluting our communities.

 Our judicial system is severely flawed as career criminals are released over and over again into our society with what appears to be very little concern for the public by the judges who allow this. In a new era of accountability, our judges seem to burden absolutely none as career criminals walk from their courtrooms and back into society only to carry on their illegal behaviors. It is time to hold judges and the judicial system more accountable. Your voices need to be heard and I will speak for you. Enough is enough.

Create a safe environment for kids to learn in and participate in after-school activities.

School Safety

Our Teachers need a safe environment to teach and our children deserve a safe place to learn. It is clear that our schools everywhere have become targets for unsavory, angry perpetrators of violent crime. This must stop. The communities and school administrators need to work hand in hand with law enforcement and other security factions to see to it that the senseless crimes that take place at our learning institutions come to an end. Parents need to be at ease when they send their children off to school. Kids must be relaxed and know they are in a safe environment while learning. As your representative and a law enforcement professional of over 30 years, I will seek out new avenues and open a forum discussion amongst administrators, law enforcement, and government officials to find better ways to protect all persons associated with our learning institutions and the education of the children who will become the future of this country.

Legalization of Cannabis


Readers and voters may be surprised, as an ex–law enforcement officer and
republican candidate, to hear my perception on the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, as I will boldly reaffirm, I am a flexible thinker and believe in coming together as political parties continue to do battle on this topic. I do believe it may be time to put this subject to rest as has happened in countless other
states across the country. It’s my thoughts that legalization of recreational
marijuana should be a strong consideration for our thinkers in Harrisburg to consider. I believe, with strong and strict guidelines, that we should push ahead to make this happen. On the surface the argument can easily be made that there are far more dangerous, LEGAL substances available to people on a daily basis. I believe
with proper regulations that the legalization of Recreational marijuana can also provide our state economy with yet another taxable source of revenue that can be utilized to give relief in other areas of taxation, I.E. enormous school taxes being paid by our elderly and retirees. I have reached out to democrats who are in favor of such a plan as to hear what their perspectives are on it and how we can work together to make it happen in Harrisburg. With your vote I will take this idea to Harrisburg and fight this fight.

Treatment Of Animals

Treatment of animals

As a canine handler of over 15 years and a kid who grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, and even a goat, I harbor a very soft spot in my heart for animals. I am deeply in favor of harsher punishments for anyone who mistreats animals and pets. Pets are a responsibility and those who treat them inhumanely should be held accountable.

Make your voice heard. Vote February 7th 

With your vote, I can claim a house seat and take the concerns of every resident to the Capital. 

With your vote, we can change the ever-spiraling downward direction of the district and the state. 

With your vote, someone who actually cares can finally make a difference in Harrisburg! 

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