Mission Statement

The road to Harrisburg, for this candidate, begins in PA district 34, an area of approximately 64,000 Residents. My mission is to fairly and favorably represent each and every one of them. 

It’s no secret, walk out your door, go for a drive, or turn on the morning news. Our streets are weathered and beaten, bridges are unsafe, yet the gas tax has been increased again and remains one of the highest in the country. Our schools and education system rank terribly low on the national level yet taxation to fund them is abundant. Serious illegal substances such as Fentanyl affect, children, parents, and businesses in our communities. A major gap now exists between our residents and the police forces drastically hindering their ability to serve and protect them. 

The residents of district 34 deserve better than candidates with self-interests en route to our state capital in search of a new career in power politics. I’ve had my career, consisting of over 30 years of impeccable public service as a law enforcement officer who walked the inner city streets of Pittsburgh and later the suburban streets alongside my Police K9’s. As a current home-owner and 22-year resident of Wilkins Township via a childhood in Penn hills, I want to head to Harrisburg to finally implement changes that will directly benefit not only the residents of district 34 but all Pennsylvanians. It’s my mission to reduce taxes, especially on our elderly; build back communication bridges between our residents and the police. Address and fight the drug problems, reduce crime and encourage businesses and home seekers to return to our area. Our kids need safe school environments to learn in and after-school programs to participate in. It can be done. 

With your vote, I can claim a house seat and take the concerns of every resident to the Capital. 

With your vote, we can change the ever-spiraling downward direction of the district and the state. 

With your vote, someone who actually cares can finally make a difference in Harrisburg! 

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